These are two formulas I have on file, Don’t know where they came from so I can’t give credit to the original creator.


Syrup-based Blood. Take some golden-syrup and add in red food colouring, a little blue, and just a touch of green. Obviously, most of the food colouring you use should be red. By experimenting with the amount of blue and green, you should be able to come up with some very realistic looking blood. However, this will not "run freely from a wound", but it will do well for bloodstains gunshot victims, etc. Remember to adjust for the lights, film/tape stock you are using. It could well be that the actual blood is nearly blue or purple to the human eye, but will give you a sickeningly 'blood' look on screen.


Flour based blood. This is more realistic. Also, there's no sugar and very little food in  this formula so it's probably less attractive to insects. Flour Base: 7.5cc to 10cc plain all purpose flour per cup (250cc) of water. (7.5cc = 1/2 level tablespoon , 10cc = 2 level teaspoons) Mix flour into water completely (no lumps) before heating. Bring to boil then simmer for 1/2 hour. Stir frequently. Let cool before adding food colour. Stir in any surface scum. Makes a good base for stage blood. Slightly slimy. Fairly low surface tension. Soaks and spreads well. One cup batch of blood: 1 oz (29cc) Red food colouring 1/8 teaspoon (.6cc) green food colouring Add flour base described above to a total of one cup (250cc). Note the following:(1)The shelf life is fairly short (few days) at room temperature. (2)Blood does not go rank but ferments a bit and looses viscosity with time. (3)This blood temporarily stains skin.

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