Here is a sample script layout made using  Simply Screenplay. It is a free script layout template for MS Word and you can download it here:   It works with most versions of MS word including Word 2007.  In order for it to work properly you must have macros enabled.

This is the layout for a movie or screenplay script.  Situation Comedies and other television scripts have different formats.

If you wish to submit your script to a Hollywood producer, this is how it should be laid out.

It is a tradition that all scripts are in a typewriter font.  Select 12pt. Courier New.

If a script is laid out any other way or with a different font it gives the impression of being un-professional and will likely be rejected without being read. Note that you do not use scene numbers or shot numbers. They are only used on shooting scripts.

The left margin  should be set to 1 and a half inches,  This is the stop for action and scene headings. The margin for Character cues (characters name) should be 4 inches. The Dialogue stop should be set at three inches and the parenthetical stop at 3 and a half inches.



Script: ©1981 Ken Russell & Ron H Bannister 



L.S         Long shot
MS         Mid shot.
MLS       Medium long shot
MCU      Medium close-up.
CU         Close-up
BCU       Big close up.
Shots are also described by content, e.g. 2 SHOT.   Shot containing two people.
AB.         As before.
V.O.        Voice over.
O.S.V.    Off screen voice.
O.O.V.    Out of vision.
F/X         Effects. (Usually sound effects)
F.T.B.    Fade to black.
F.I.         Fade in.
F.O.       Fade out.


Scene numbers, shot numbers and abbreviations are only used on shooting scripts.





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